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10 Flight Scanner Sites You Must Check Out

Written by Jovo Beg

Choosing the best flight is usually very expensive, so you should be smart and try to find a perfect deal. The main question is, where to look for? Don’t lose hope straightaway. We have found the best flight scanner sites that will help you save money yet get a flight you want. No matter if you are looking for the last minute flight or something else, these sites will give you a positive result. Let’s check them out.

1. Priceline

This website allows you to save up to 40%, using a completely different method. The secret here is the so-called ‘Name Your Own Price’ tool. In essence, you will set the budget and they will find all the available flights accordingly. Don’t expect to get a flight at a perfect timing, but you can find a suitable one. Most of these flights are single-stop or non-stopping.
Flight Scanner Sites


2. Momondo

Momondo is a very special airfare site that is highly responsive and easy to use. The best part of this site is the ability to find different flights from different airlines. Most travelers (usually experienced ones) already use this trick and they claim it is more than just effective. With the help of this site, you will be able to find different flights at once, all with a goal to save money. You also get a high-end calendar feature to use. This is one of the first flight scanner websites that allows you to do this. Heretofore, travelers had to rely on their personal skills to get these benefits. Now, you can use Momondo!
Flight Scanner Sites


3. Hipmunk

Track airfare with your email and book a hotel anywhere you want. All of this is possible with the Hipmunk. Though it is primarily a hotel searching website, it has recently added the flight search option. We liked this website due to simple reasons. The design is probably one of the best you can find these days, it is very effective in searching, and suitable for finding a specific flight destination. Another advantage is related to the ability to search for flights and airports close to your location.



What if you could search all flight scanner websites at once? With KAYAK, you actually can. This website is outstanding in the terms of flight searching, as it searches for all the known websites and helps you find the best deals at the time. The search criteria is another great thing. You can enter all kinds of parameters, including the desired class, and all results will be displayed in a matter of seconds. The only issue is that you have to visit the website that actually offers flight booking in order to complete the process.
Flight Scanner Sites


5. CheapOair

CheapOair is another useful flight scanner site that provides you with the full list of the best places worldwide and offers great airfare deals. Although there is no possibility to match and mix carriers, this website still offers a variety of ways to pick the best flights. Searching flexible times and dates for your trip, you will get a better chance of locating the low-cost rates and find a lot of featured deals offered on the site. Thus, you can find the best flights under $199, red-eye flights, first-class flights, and so on. In addition, you can browse the flight options by region and find the cheapest airfare rates. By signing up for the CheapOair email newsletters, you will be receiving various deals for different types of travel arrangements.
Flight Scanner Sites


6. Google Flights

This is one of the most used airfare sites around the world. Google has purchased the software for this site from other consumer flight searches (like Hipmunk) and created its own airfare search called Google Flights. Although it includes a number of international flights, all airlines do not appear in the search results. The site provides the best results for domestic flights in the United States. A bar graph view allows you to see how airline ticket change over time, while a map view lets you drag and drop a certain route to other locations in order to see the price range.


7. Cheap Tickets

Cheap Tickets does precisely what its name suggests. If you want to find the cheapest ticket for your upcoming flight, this is the website to visit. We liked the fact you can perform an advanced search by entering all the relevant parameters as well as the ability to save your searches. Once saved, you can access them anytime you want. Cheap Tickets also gives the ability to regular travelers to browse all available flights by an airline.


8. Cheap Air

Cheap Air simply has to be taken into consideration when looking for the flight scanner sites. It lets you save your searches, mix and match the available airlines, and narrow down the results. By doing this, the website will offer you the best and the most affordable deals according to your demands. Cheap Air will refund your money if the flight cost is reduced for some reason.


9. Flightfox

Do you like challenges? Are you knowledgeable about travel tours and deals? If yes, try out the Flightfox! This amazing airfare site will connect you with people knowing the secret of finding the best travel deals all around the globe. Unlike the previous flight scanner websites, Flightfox allows you to propose your own travel plans and compete with other users in tracking down either the best or the cheapest trip route. Note that this competition requires an advance payment which amount depends on the particular challenge. The winning Flightfox user takes home 75% of total stake.



The last but not the least flight scanner site you should consider using is Adioso. It is primarily intended for cost-conscious people having the very flexible trip itineraries. The search function on Adioso acts similar to your brain. You are allowed to type in your point of departure, your final destination (city, state, country, or region), as well as to select a specific date, trip length, and a number of travelers (adults or children). Thereafter, just click on the orange “Find Flights” tan and you’ll get an idea of where to buy a cheap ticket.

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