11 Travel Gadgets That Every Traveler Needs

Written by Evans Ngure

Today’s travelers have a wide variety of gadgets which can make travelling much better and change their overall experience. Technology has really revolutionized how people travel in the sense that there are tons of gadgets which are actually essential for every traveler. These are the gadgets which are mandatory regardless of the kind of trip one is planning be it a business trip, or just a weekend gate way. Here are the gadgets which you should never leave behind the next time you are off to a new location for fun or for business.

1. Portable Power Bank

Today our lives revolve around our devices like mobile phones and tablets which are powered by Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. These devices ensures that we stay online and in communication as we travel. The most unfortunate thing is that our mobile phones and tablets can only store charge for a maximum of a day especially if we are constantly connected to the internet. Power banks offers back up charge for mobile phones and tablets for days meaning you do not have to worry about going offline or doing without your phone as you can recharge for more than 8 times. The good thing about these portable power banks is they pack a high capacity power back up with some having more than 20,000 mAh plus dual USB port and an LED torch.
11 Travel Gadgets That Every Traveler Needs

2. Extra SD Card

Today space on our devices is never enough and that why people are always looking for devices with much bigger internal storage spaces. When going for a trip it’s always advisable to carry an extra SD card preferably 32 GB or 64 GB in case you ran out of space as you take pictures and videos. In the market there are advanced SD cards which have inbuilt WiFi capability whereby one can transfer data wirelessly without having to worry about the hassle of cables or compatibility. To be on the safe side it’s always better to have an SD card adapter in case of change of devices.

3. A Selfie Stick

While travelling the most important thing for most people is capture those special moments on their smart phones and tablets. The mobile devices today are capable of taking high quality images and a selfie stick allows a traveler to take a picture of themselves and their surroundings. A selfie stick solves the problem of having to look for someone to take your picture since it allows the user to take the picture effortless. Selfie stick can extend to a meter meaning you can capture your image and your surroundings as if you had someone take your picture.

4. Universal Power Adapter

Travelers carry multiple devices on their travel and they are faced with the challenge of carrying multiple chargers which can really fill up the travel bag. The Universal power adapter solves this problem because it allows you to charge multiple devices with ease plus. Most of the universal power adapters available in the market have surge protector and can fit different sockets from different parts of the world.

5. goTenna

This is not a well-known gadget but it can be a real life saver especially if a traveler found themselves in an area which does not have a cellular service. The goTenna was made to make sure that android or iOS mobile phones can be able to send a message or communicate within a 50 mile radius. The goTenna uses the radio signal and is paired with mobile devices using Blue-Tooth.

7. Rechargeable-Solar Flash light

The value of a rechargeable flashlight is known to every traveler because it’s one of the crucial must have gadget for every travel. The solar power flashlight can help one illuminate a dark patch in a room or in case there is no electric power the flashlight can come really handy.  The rechargeable solar flashlight can be a life saver for travelers who go hiking or are camping since the flashlight can be the primary source of light.

8.Wireless Portable Speaker

For travelers who love music then the portable speaker is a must have travel gadget which is very compact and makes sure that you can listen to your favorite jams as you travel. There wireless portable speakers which are waterproof and have a battery which can last for more than 10 hours. The best thing about the wireless portable speakers is that there are some in the market which are highly light weight that it’s almost impossible to feel their weight.

9. Wireless Headphones

Having a pair of wireless headphone can be really helpful especially when one just want to enjoy music without distractions. Today in the market there are many noise cancelation wireless headphones which shut off outside disturbance allowing one to listen to uninterrupted music. The good thing about some wireless headphones is they are fold-able and can fit in small available spaces in your luggage. The Wireless headphones uses Bluetooth technology to connect to the mobile phone and there are some which have inbuilt battery which can last for more than 12 hours.

10. Water Proof Case

Most of devices that we travel with are not water proof which means they can be adversely affected by water. A water proof case is one of the simplest gadgets that a traveler can own which can in turn protect their valuable devices from getting ruined by water. Having a water proof case does not limit the functionality of the devices like mobile phones and tablet. This is because one the device is put in the water proof case then you can take picture or better yet a selfie under water and even send a text message.

11. Neck Pillow

Travelling for hours on end can be quite tiring especially if you have to travel for more than 6 hours no stop whether by road, train or airplane. A neck pillow is the most convenient gadget that you can have especially if you are going to be on a plane for hours. Today there are neck pillow which have been engineered to provide the best comfort for your neck as you doze off as you travel.

Featured image credit: Cesar