9 Must Have Mobile Apps for Every Traveler

Written by Evans Ngure

Most people love to travel to different places and even though travelling can be quite hectic we have technology which can make travelling fun. Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives and today there are tons of mobile applications which are very easy to use and can make travelling much easier, more fun and with less hassle. Today there is literary an app for everything where it comes to travelling and these are the apps which can help travelers have the best experience on their trips. For most people deciding on the best app one need while travelling can be a huge challenge given the fact that there are hundreds of travelling apps available for different mobile platforms. Here are some of the crucial mobile apps that you need if you are looking to travel or if you are a frequent traveler and the best part is the apps are free.

1. Kayak

kayak-app-logoThis is a very important app you need to have because with it you can access different travel website, find the cheapest flights and the best accommodation for the destination that you are travelling to. Kayak is basically a one stop shop for travelers because you can use it to plan for your trip from the beginning all the way to the end. The best thing about Kayak is that it’s very easy to use and the functionality are simply amazing because you can get prizing alerts, a free personal travel assistant plus it allows you to discover new places while on the move. Kayak is available of multiple mobile platforms like Android, iPhone and windows Phone.


2. TripIt

logo_308x308The best way to think of TripIt is like a trip organizer which allows travelers to organize their itinerary without missing a thing. TripIt allows the users to store all travel itineraries in one place for easier retrieval. This means travelers can store their plan tickets, car rentals, and even hotel. The best thing about thing app is that you can access it while offline thus saving you online roaming charges which can be really high. TripIt also give travelers added flexibility because they can be able to add maps and weather information. The best thing about this app is that it’s available in all available mobile operating platforms.


3. Onava

The biggest headache while travelling is how to deal with roaming charges especially on mobile data connectivity. Onava is one app that manages your internet usage and saves you from getting charged outrageous amounts in data. Onava offers multiple functionality but the key functions are saving internet data and helping the user surf the internet much faster and safer. The app blocks potentially harmful websites and connection especially from free hotspots in some airports and hotels.

4. XE Currency

unnamedThis is one of the best applications to use because travelling to different countries requires one to have that country currency. This app gives you live and the most updated figures on the currency exchange rate and prevent you from getting scammed. This app will make sure you know exactly what you are getting in the exchange bureaus. The app supports currency from any part of the world and t does not matter which part of the world you are the app will give you the exact exchange rate. XE Currency is available for free in all mobile platforms.


5. TheFork

thefork-campaniaThis is one of the best apps for the travelers who love to taste different cuisines from different part of the world then theFork is the best app. This allows users to discover the best restaurants and hotels from different part of the world. This application is very easy to use because all you have to do is search for any city or country and you get a list of the top rated hotels and the prices they offer for the different foods they offer.



6. Weather Channel App

the-weather-channelWhen travelling having the most up to date information about the weather is very crucial because awful weather can ruin your trip and your vacation. The weather channel App is available in two of the most popular app Android and iOS for free. The app is very easy to use and you can get accurate weather information for up to ten days ahead for over ten locations. The best thing about this app is once you set the location you need weather information for you can get alerts of the possible weather changes and you can make necessary changes before you depart for you vacation.


7. GateGuru

gateguruThe modern airports can be very confusing especially if you are not familiar with the airport then you can waste a lot of time trying to trace your terminal and possibly miss your flight. GateGuru is an app which is available on both Android and iOS and it makes sure you know which terminal you need to be and provide you with the best way to get there. The app provide airport maps, weather updates and even flight status thus making sure you do not miss your trip or get lost in the airport which can be quite embarrassing.


8. SeatGuru

unnamed-1There plane is quite huge with different section, SeatGuru helps travelers find the best place on a place thy ant to travel. Most airlines promises to honor the customer chosen seat but this is always subject to change even in the last minute. SeatGuru makes sure you get the seat you want be it in the middle, by the window or anywhere else you like. The app will search for the availability of your preferred seat and notify you when the seat is available or taken. The app also give you seat map advice on how to make sure you have the best experience on your seat and you can get to share your picture while travelling.


9. Airbnb

belo-200x200-4d851c5b28f61931bf1df28dd15e60efThis is one popular mobile application available for both Android and iOS which travelers can use to find the best hotels which are not only affordable but offer a chance to interact with the local communities. This app gives extensive flexibility where you can search for homes to stay in over 191 countries and choose from over 2.5 million houses worldwide. The app allows travelers to save money for their trip by allowing them to save for destination which fits their budget.

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