The Best City Guide Apps You Should Know

city guide apps
Written by Emily Garces

The Best City Guide Apps You Should Know

In today’s day and age, our smartphones always happen to be our go-to gadget. It contains endless information at the end of our fingertips and because of that, many travelers always bring it along on their trips. Travel books are barely in use due to the fact that technology has taken over. There are many apps in our smartphones that has the most recent information on most destinations in the world; from what to see to where you can catch all the locals. Here are the top city guide apps you need to download before jetting off to your next destination.

city guide apps

city guide apps

TripAdvisor City Guides

This app might sound familiar but that is because TripAdvisor is also a website where people comment on cities and recommend areas to other travelers. With that, TripAdvisor City Guides is by far one of the best city guide apps to put in use due to its top rated website and simply, its popularity within the traveling world. Since many people are always contributing to the website, it can be easier to create your own itinerary and select what you would want to see. It also gives you a detailed walking map when you download the offline content and lets you know what you must-do in that certain city; whether its attractions, shopping, nightlife or restaurants.



City Guides Fodor’s City Guides offers you tips and recommendations for the top-notch restaurants, sights, hotels and shopping from the locals. With these insider tips, Fodor’s City Guide will have you navigating the city as if a local guide is with you. When looking for a place to see or eat, they are places that are actually worth seeing since the app is curated by local experts around the world. In addition, you won’t ever need to buy a map and take it out like a tourist. Fodor’s City Guide has an interactive maps that lets you find out what’s nearby from sights, hotels, clubs, restaurants and bars. You can also make easy bookings through the app with their in-app partners Expedia, OpenTable and Viator.



This creative and user-friendly app will make it easy for you to set up a vacation or simply a day trip. All you have to do is type in Gogobot’s search bar and a display of pictures will pop up of various restaurants, hotels and attractions in that location. Aside from giving you popular things to see, it also gives you the pricing of all these locations and shows you the best deals. What makes this one of the best city guide apps is that it features thousands of locations.



For those travelers who love structure, Tripomatic is one of the best city guide apps for you. Tripomatic lets you prepare an itinerary based on the dates of your trip and where you plan on being at that time. From there, you can choose what activities, sites, restaurants and hotels you want to fall in your trip. The best thing are the expansive lists of descriptions and reviews that come with each place you look into and with a click of a button, you can add it to your itinerary. Although, the most efficient to use this app is to plan on your computer online at Tripomatic. From there you can download your itinerary on your phone through your app after.



Guide Pocket Guide is super unique where it is the first application where you will feel like you have an actually tour guide walking you around the city. This app guides you through the city by voice so you won’t have to be reading the small text yourself. You can trust Pocket Guide to leading you to the most interesting sites since these tours are made by local tour guides. While you are on your tour, you can also record the experiences, whether it’s through photos, videos or personal commentary. And don’t worry, once you download the tour, the app can work in offline mode too!



Wikitude is the most convenient app to figure out what are the best things to do around you at that moment. It has a cool utility that most travel apps do not have where you are able to turn on the camera option and pan across your surroundings. Icons will then pop up on the screen and highlight the top attractions in that direction. Not only is it for attraction but if you are in search of a hotel, bar or restaurant as well.



Foursquare is the most convenient app if you want to explore like a local. Being that it has the most information coming from the locals, like reviews and tips, it can guide you to places that most tourists would not plan on seeing. Aside from giving you insight on attractions, it also gives you recommendations on where to eat, where to stay and the best ways to tour the city you are in. Foursquare is just as useful as TripAdvisor but you will get to explore the city the ways the locals do.



Triposo is the best city guide app since it not only gives information on what to know about the city you are visiting but also its history and cultural background as well. This will give you a taste of what you can expect before getting there. In addition to that, Triposo makes it easier for you to narrow down your options of what you want to see, do, eat and much more. With its many subcategories that it offers, you will be able to do, see or eat exactly what you want to do with their many options. This can help you organize your trip in a way that uniquely fits to your liking.

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