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Top Accommodations Sites and Apps

top accommodations sites and apps
Written by lilian Muli

Top Accommodations Sites and Apps

Who doesn’t like to have an adventure? I bet the answer to the question is that majority of us actually like adventure but the truth is you can’t have an adventure if you are just seated on the couch and watching your favorite cartoons. No! You at least need to travel, whether you decide to visit a foreign country or a neighboring city, on fact remains: you shall definitely need a roof over your head and as a result you need to be aware of the top accommodations sites and apps that you can use so as to book a room in a hotel or restaurant that suits you best.

It seems traveling over the years is getting easy and convenient. If you wished to travel to Kenya, initially you had to consult agencies on where you can get a room for your accommodation. More often than not one would end up being a led to a room that they didn’t like. However, recently the numbers of accommodations sites and apps have been increasing day by day and have made booking reservations quite convenient.

The following are the 7 top accommodation sites and apps:


With over 800,000 restaurants to choose from, booking a room via can never be any easier. There are millions of pictures of various hotel rooms that you can actually view before selecting a room and over 5million reviews from people who have used this platform. has filters that allow you to search restaurants according to their price, rating, and location. If you would like a highly rated restaurant with low prices then should be your gig. At times we may want to book a certain room but maybe might not have cash at the moment. It’s understandable, right? And I bet it has happened to most of us. allows you to book a room and pay later once you get to the place. Also, there is a cancellation option if you would wish to cancel a reservation and you don’t necessarily have to be logged into your computer to do this, is available in both play store and App.


Just like, you can filter your search according to location, price, and ratings. Over the years has made quite a name for itself and has proved to be a reliable top accommodation app. It is available in over 200 nations worldwide and can boast of having over 250,000 possible destinations.

What’s even more appealing is the fact that if you have an account with, you don’t necessarily have to be online to book a room, you can do it offline via your phone and at the comfort of any activity, you would be currently undertaking. is famous for being convenient for last minutes deals and there are a variety of discount packages once you become a regular user. There is a group travel service available at that will ensure that your group gets accommodation at a place of their choice and one that suits everyone.

  1. TripAdivsor Hotels Flights

TripAdvisor Hotels Flights not only helps you get cheap flight fares but at the same time will help you find a roof over your head. The site is quite reputable for air travel booking but in recent years has been making a name in helping numerous travelers get nice accommodations.

You can sort restaurants and hotels according to the food they offer, price and ratings. Considering the fact that the website has over 250million reviews you can easily judge on the best rooms to book even when new to a place.

  1. Hotel tonight

To begin with, the theme in this app is amazing. And, Hotel tonight doesn’t have only a great theme to boast about, booking a room is quite easy. In fact, being sincere you can book a great room of your choice with just 3 taps and a swipe. Yah! It is that easy and the app is available on IOS, windows and android platforms.

  1. Skyscanner Hotels

Skyscanner Hotels is available in over 30 languages, the most language options in all the currently available top accommodations sites and apps. Just like the name suggests, Skyscanner Hotels will also help you book affordable flights to different nations around the globe and to top that assist you in find a room that suits you.

And, given the aspect of being available in over 30 languages, booking a hotel can’t get any easier than with Skyscanner Hotels. Basically, every kind of hotel is available on this platform from a 5-star hotel to typically just a shed. You shall definitely find what you are searching for and given their filters which can enable you to specify the price range of the hotel you would wish to book then be least assured that you would be disappointed.

  1. eBookers Travel

This app is available on both app and play store allowing you to book a room while seated in the comfort of your home or office, and, you don’t need to have a computer to do this since you can do it via your mobile phone.

If you are a regular traveler then you should consider trying out eBookers Travel and enjoy their discounts and bonuses. Yes! If you become a regular traveler and a user of this app you shall get rooms at discounted prices and win bonuses (book 10 times and get one night free).

  1. Hotwire

Hotwire is a great website that helps you get connected worldwide. There are numerous rooms to choose from and most of them are relatively cheaply priced despite having a high rating. As they say, you can never know how convenient it is to uses a top accommodation site and app to book a room until you use Hotwire.


Booking a room has become so easy and this happens thanks to a lot of different accommodations sites and apps. This article has walked you through the 7 top accommodations sites and apps that you should consider if you wish to book a room. Despite the class, price and location of the restaurant you seek to book, these top accommodations sites and apps will enable you to get exactly what you are seeking for.

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