The Best Travel Journal Apps for Your 2017 Travels

Travel journal apps
Written by David Negus

The Best Travel Journal Apps for Your 2017 Travels

Any single experience of a trip can be the experience of a lifetime. That’s why it’s so important to capture the moments as you travel and why every traveler should have a travel journal app loaded onto their devices. There’s nothing wrong with a paper and pen travel journal. But as a 21st-century traveler who is most likely already carrying a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, you might as well consolidate. Here are some of the most popular travel journal apps available:

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Get Journey for: Android devices, Windows, and Macs. You can also use Journey.Cloud while online.

Visit the Journey website.

For a long while, Android travelers looked on enviously as their iPhone counterparts digitally scribbled away in their beautifully designed Day One apps. Not so anymore. Journey gives Day One a run for its money with its equally well designed and intuitive interface.

You can use Journey for free with its Journey.Cloud online application. Much like any online blogging site, you can access Journey.Cloud as long as you have a browser-capable device and an internet connection. So while there’s no application specifically for iPhone or iPads, these Apple devices can still use Journey.

While Journey is free, there are in-app purchases that give you greater functionality. These include:

  • Markdown editing and previewing
  • Full backups
  • PDF/print without watermarks
  • Bulk PDF/printing
  • Night mode
  • .docx export
  • Google Fit prompt
  • Throwback (aka “On this Day”)

Why travelers love Journey

Like Day One, Journey also offers automatic weather logging.

An interesting feature travel bloggers would enjoy is the ability to attach video and 360° panorama images in their posts. Not many applications can do that out-of-the-box, but this is a neat feature. Friends and family will see your pictures as though they are right there with you, or you can relive the experience years from now.


Get Penzu for: Android devices, iPhones and iPads.

Visit the Penzu website.

Penzu is free for both Android and Apple users and offers an easy way to write short notes or longer, more reflective posts. While it is free, there are in-app purchases that let you unlock greater functionality and features, such as advanced security (military-grade 256-bit AES encryption!) and additional customization.

Why travelers love Penzu

Penzu is fairly comprehensive and the free version is already feature-rich. If you’re tired of typing on a tiny keyboard, you can just login to Penzu via a browser capable computer and write a normal post. It’s automatically synced so you can save and leave right where you left off.

One especially great feature is that you don’t need an internet connection. You won’t be able to publish or share, but all the apps features will work—even if you’re in the middle of nowhere. Your posts will automatically sync to the server whenever your data connection returns.

You can also keep your posts organized by categorizing your posts with tags.

Day One and Day One Journal

Get Day One for: Mac, iPhone and iPad

Visit the Day One website.

Day one is one of the most popular travel journal apps there is. It’s mobile app, Day One Journal, isn’t free. However, it is lauded by many people as one of the best travel journal apps available. On Apple devices anyway.

The Day One app has been around since the opening of the Mac App Store and has seen constant development and iterations. It is lauded by users for its elegant and simple-to-navigate interface.

Why travelers love Day One

One feature that is particularly attractive to travelers is the Geo tagging function that tags your entries with your current location, the location’s current weather, and your activity (walking, running, biking, etc…). This is especially useful when posting a picture or short description. Location context is automatically added to simplify the posting process.

But travelers are known for living in the moment. Let’s say you’re on a tour. You probably want to focus on your tour guide and surroundings instead of keeping your eyes on your iPhone. No problem. Take your pictures, but keep your attention on what truly matters. Once the tour is over, create a new journal entry with your pictures. Day One Journal will ask if you want to include the Geo location data of where you took the photo.

Day One integrates very well with Apple products and features. When you’re in the Mac’s map view, you can see the places where you’ve made entries. With Day One’s free syncing service, you can easily switch between your Mac and other iOS devices and always have your journal with you. If you have an Apple Watch, you can even dictate with your voice.

When you publish, there are tools that enable you to post to your own website, share via email, texting, or social media.


Get Diaro for: Android devices, iPhone, and iPads.

Visit the Diaro website.

Diaro is free to use for both Android and Apple devices, but only if you don’t mind ads. Fortunately, there’s an in-app purchase that will remove the embedded adverts. While many would argue that Diaro lacks some of the features and beauty of other journaling apps, it still has what you would need for journaling.

Why travelers love Diaro

Diaro is incredibly organized, which is great if you go on a lot of trips or if you like to keep a trip’s posts tidy and easily retrieved. You can sort posts by date, tags, folders, and by location.

It also supports Dropbox synching (in the purchase version), which gives you greater media publishing capability.


Get Exposure for: iPhone and iPad.

Visit the Bonjournal website.

Bonjournal is free to use. It has a Tumblr-esque platform with similar features like tagging and social media sharing. It’s especially good for posting picture-heavy entries.

Why travelers love Bonjournal

You can grade your experiences! Many avid travelers have a hard time answering, “Which place was your favorite?” Now with Bonjournal, you’ll have a little easier of a time answering that question.

Another traveler-favorite feature is creating posts offline. That’s great for places without internet or on a long flight.

Which Travel Journal App Is Right for You?

Like any app, choosing the right travel journal app depends on what you value in an interface. Do you want to easily sort your posts? highlight your impressive pictures? share your posts? Or do you want to keep it as a private journal?

Whichever you decide, there’s no shortage of travel journal apps for you to use.

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